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Why Choose an Auctioneer?
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How do I sell my items at auction?
There are several different types of auctions that we offer in order to properly sell your merchandise for the highest dollar. For more information on selling at auction, call us at (641) 512-5426 or contact us. We are ready to help you sell your merchandise today!

Do I need an appraisal in order to sell my property at auction?
No, a valuation is always set by the auctioneer before offering anything for public sale at auction. And the auction method of marketing allows the market to set the price for real "market value".

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Why choose an auctioneer?

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  • Competitive bidding to determine true market value:
    • You can advertise the items yourself, or have a tag sale, and sell that valued piece to the first person that hands over the money at a price they like. Then you can spend the rest of the day wondering if it was priced too low. Or you can have multiple bidders competing aggressively at an auction pushing the final price up to a point where everyone learns the true market value and at a price that both buyer and seller find satisfactory.
  • Quick and efficient:
    • Most auctions can be conducted in a matter of hours on a day that you can choose! There are usually very few unsold items left, and a lot less clean up than you might imagine.
  • Professional marketing techniques:
    • Most auctioneers have years of training and experience and are experts in finding your buyers and getting them to the auction. Auctioneers are particularly gifted at getting the crowd to interact and participate enthusiastically in the process of bidding and buying!
  • What will sell at an auction?
    • Anything that can be legally sold can be sold effectively at an auction. Real estate, business liquidations, general household, antiques, collectibles, livestock, equipment, intangible assets. The list is endless.

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