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Auction terms:

All For One Money:
Multiple items are being offered for sale and what you bid is one price for all of the items. Bids for individual items are not accepted.

So Much Each & All Go:
Multiple items are being offered for sale and the bidder's price is per item, however; the bidder must take all the items.

Tlusty Auctioneering, LLC

Professional Selling Is Our Business

Upcoming Auctions:

Professional Iowa Auctioneer Clock, Wood Working Equipment & Furniture
Sunday, September 7, 2014
11:00 a.m.
11949 Lark Avenue
Northwest Edge of Burchinal, Iowa

Mark Tlusty Auctioneering, LLC

1064 Prairie View Pl.
Rockford, IA 50468

Business: (641) 749-2200
Cell: (641) 512-5426
E-Mail: Send us an email
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