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An auction is...
the process of buying and selling things by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. In economic theory an auction is a method for determining the value of a commodity that has an undetermined or variable price. In some cases, there is a minimum or reserve price; if the bidding does not reach the minimum, there is no sale (but the person who puts the item up for auction still owes a fee to the auctioneer). ... more

Collectibles, Woodworking, Fishing, Prints
Sunday, October 23, 2016 10:00 a.m.
Rock Falls Community Center, Rock Falls, IA

NIPPON & MISC: Raised Native American Plates, Merage trim plates, Dog humidor, Sailboat 2-handle vase, Dresser set, & other vases, Hair receivers, Native American ash tray, Tri handle acorn bowl, Camel match holder, 4 footed scene vase, Octagon flower vases, Tapestry vases, Satin blue vase, Wave Crest box, Fenton pcs, Svl cream & sugars, 6 place orient tea set, Chocolate pots, Brides, Baskets, Popeye Spinach can, Pluto wind up, Porky the Pig fire truck, Goofy candle stick, Mickey choo choo plus several dozen Disney pcs most w/ boxes. Several kerosene lamps, svl Ducks Unlimited prints, 2 large curved glass cabinets, Beer Signs, Postcards, WOODWORKING; Poter cable brad nailer, Bostitch nailer, Marson rivet set, Craftsman nailer, DeWalt plate joiner, carba-tec wood lathe, Carving knives, Basswood carving pcs, NIB Delta sanding spindle set, Champion Tool set, Soldering gun, 4" vice, 6" belt sander, 6" Ryobi bench grinder, Cordless drills, 1/2" drill precision tool set, Brass Blow torches, plus svl misc shop tools, Bengal brand cheese box, Herters' rolls mark svl carving books & carving tools, FISHING: 9000 fishing reel in box, Svl old open cast reels, J.C. Higgins 4811, South Ben No. 200, Shakespeare No. 1950, P Flueger Summit No 99., Svl Pocket knives & fishing knives, Dz of old lures, HULL: Pink/Green Floral Vases & pitcher, Lg. Maroon Goose, Lg. Green Goose, Woodland Lg. Teapot, Woodland Sm. Teapot, Woodland Glossy Floral Basket (Pink/Green), W-18 Woodland Hi-Gloss Floral Vase (Pink/Green), W-16 Woodland Hi-Gloss Floral Vase (Pink/Green), W-8 7 1/ Woodland Hi-Gloss Floral Vase (Pink/Green), W-30 Woodland Floral Candlestick Holder (Pink/Green) 5W-30 Woodland Floral Candlestick Holder (Pink/Green), W-27 Woodland Floral Tea Set Creamer (Pink/Green), W-11 Woodland Floral Planter (Pink/Green), W-7 Woodland Hi-Gloss Jardiniere (Pink/Green), W-13 Wall Pocket (Pink/Green), W-10 Large Glossy Cornucopia, L 6 Art Pottery Flower Vase (Yellow), #74 Large Mother Goose Planter (Maroon), #76 Small Mother Goose Planter (Maroon), W-29 Console Banana Boat, W-14 10 Window Box (2-Tone Pink/Chartreuse), W-4 6 1/2 Woodland Floral Vase (Pink/Green), W-6 6 1/2 Woodland Ewer Pitcher: SHAWNEE: Planter Vase, Man w/Basket, Spaulding Duck Creamers, Lil' Jack Horner Maroon Wall Pocket, Mary & Her Lil' Lamb Green Wall Pocket Shawnee Little Angel Planter, 2 Young Deer Planter, Polynesian Head Vase ROYAL COPELY: Duck Planter, Sm. Duck Planters, Bear With Mandolin, Dog With Raised Paw Planter, 2 Terrier Dogs, Asian Girl Head Vase, Hispanic Man Head Vase, Native Wall Pocket, Ebony w/ Turban, Floral Vases Pitchers & Bowls, Hispanic Head Planters, Native Head Planter, Polynesian Head Planter, Polynesian w/Head Turban, Polynesian w/Basket, Elephant Planter, Pink Bird & Water Dish, Bird/Apple Planter, Country Boy-Red Brim Planter, Country Girl-Blue Brim Planter, Young Girl w/ Pigtails Planter, Country Boy By Shack Planter (Pink/Green), Country Girl By Shack Planter (Pink/Green), Asian Girl & Basket (Black/White/Yellow), Asian Girl & Basket (Green/Yellow), Asian Man & Cookie Jar (Black/Blue), Dog Wall Pocket, Fruit Wall Pocket, Vase (Green/White), Planter (Blue/Pink), Jumping Deer Planter (Green), 3 Bears On A Tree Planter (Green/Brown), Cat On A Tree Planter (Green/Brown), Apple Wall Pocket, Pigtail Girl Wall Pocket, Blue Bonnet Girl Wall Pocket, Red Bonnet Girl Wall Pocket, Brown Terrier Dog, Parrott (Pink/White/Green), Cat & Slipper Planter 2m ddn Duck Planter, Sad Eyed Dog, Floral Shakers, MCCOY: Floral Wall Pocket Floral Planter, Floral Dog Planter, MISC: Spaulding Lg. Tall Floral Vase, Abingdon Pottery Vase (Right), Duck Planters, Dog Planters, Terrier Figurine, Dog Planters& Figurines, Siamese Cat Planter, Kitten & Yarn Ball Planter, Kitten & Book Planter, Kitten In A Basket, Bird Planters, Parrott Birds, Albino Bird, Bear Planters, Bear Bank, Piggy Banks, Piggy Creamers, Boy Leprechaun & Slipper, Girl & Baby Wall Pocket, Basket Planter (Yellow/Blue), Elephant Planters, Friend's House Planter, Wall Pockets, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Old Car Planter, Floral Planter, Ashtray, Japanese Wall Pocket (Blue/White), Old Irish Man w/Basket Planter, Asian Boy w/Basket Planter, Asian Girl w/Basket Planter, Asian Girl In Green Dress w/Red Umbrella, Chicken Creamer Planters, Duck Planter, Goose Planter, Sighing Girl Planter (Green), Boy Busk Wall Pocket, Banana Cornucopia Planter (Yellow), Egyptian Mummy Tin, Planters, Roselane C-19 Plant Stand plus many items too numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash or good check. No property removed until settled for. Strong ID required. Verbal statement day of auction takes precedence over printed material. Not responsible for accidents.

Lunch will be served.

Services we provide:

  • Free consultations on how to conduct your auction
  • Conduct your auction in a professional manner
  • Prepare all advertising and mailing of auction flyers to obtain high exposure
  • Appraisal service
  • On site auctions or a climate controlled environment
  • Pick up your merchandise if needed for a nominal fee
  • Displaying, preparing your merchandise ready to sell

Auctions work in many situations and this is the best way to liquidate your merchandise quickly and we will obtain the highest dollar amount possible.

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